Destination – Italian Pastries, Pastas and Cheeses

After I requested Rory, my hubby and partner during these retirement frolics, where he’d prefer to walk, he clarified without hesitation “Bleecker Street” and that i understood why. For the reason that Rocco’s, certainly one of Greenwich Village’s finest Italian bakeries, is on Bleecker Street. It appeared like nearly as good an objective just like any for the walk and, even when we had arrived there many occasions before, still it gratifies. There’ found the very best iced decaffeinated cappuccino ever and Rory introduced home an excellent choice of cookies.

We required the #1 subway to Christopher Street, walked to Bleecker and traveled east across sixth Avenue. Bleecker required us to MacDougal and after that we ongoing east on Houston, south on Broadway, and east to Mulberry. Then we walked south on Mulberry through Little Italy’s type of Italian restaurants, then required Mulberry to Canal and handle up going west to Canal and Broadway to get our subway.

On the way, we passed a number of Greenwich Village’s and Little Italy’s remaining Italian food landmarks including Ottomanelli’s meats, there since 1900, John’s Pizzeria, on Bleecker since 1929, Raffetto’s pasta, established in 1906 (their fresh pasta can be obtained uptown at Zabar’s on Broadway at 80th Street–Zabar’s, obviously, deserves its very own publish), Piemonte Ravioli, there since 1920, and Alleva Cheeses, a brand new You are able to institution for over100 years.

For the purposes, however, we’ll focus on the big three bakeries: Caffe Roma, Ferrara, and Rocco’s plus Di Palo’s niche store. Here there is a exquisite Italian cured meats known with each other as salumi and such as the thinnest sliced prosciutto ever, plus numerous Italian olive oil, vinegars not to mention cheeses. We like their homemade ricotta and mozzarella, as well as their many pastas, including fresh fettuccine and raviolis. Keep these things grind their Parmigiano Reggiano for you personally.

For those who have adopted this path, you are very tired now and you’ll need a break. Stop briefly in the venerable Ferrara’s on Grand Street, there since 1892, and also have a pastry. Incidentally, if you’re searching for something (and gradually alter look for a need to order this), Ferrara’s will provide its Sicilian Cassata or cannoli cake to any place in the 5 boroughs. We did so we haven’t regretted it.

Or stop by at our other favorite, Caffe Roma on Broome Street, less touristy and providing the same great pastries it’s had since 1891 along with a fine number of espressos and cappuccinos. Try the lighter Italian cheesecake created using ricotta rather of cream cheese.