Great Tips for Family Camping Trips

Do you have a family camping trip on your bucket list? Are you a beginner camper and are not really sure of where to start. Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed multiple years as a Boy Scout, camping with a family can be a whole different ballgame than meeting a pack of scouts at a summer camp. Ever successful camper, regardless of how rugged the camping experience, will confirm that the success of a camping trip is generally determined prior to departure. That’s because so much of the success of camping lies in advance planning. Start making your lists. Spend time with some seasoned campers and glean their advice on the most critical items on their camping lists.

The first step is to determine if you’ll be camping in a hammock under the stars, pitching a tent or renting a camper. The options are truly only limited by your imagination. If this is your first camping experience as a family, make sure all family members are on board. One negative Nancy can spoil the entire trip. Instead of investing in copious amounts of camping equipment that may only be used for a few occasions, consider renting or borrowing the basics. Pay close attention to the weather and average temperatures at your destination. Not being prepared for monsoon like rains or frigid temperatures could result in this being your first and last camping venture as a family. One great option that’s sure to please the entire family is to take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and spring for a pair of Uggs for the entire family. They’re certainly warm and comfortable enough to enjoy around a cozy family campfire in the evenings and take the chill off in the cool fall mornings.

Finally, if you’ve decided to go to one of the national parks or a local park, be sure to check on the guidelines, restrictions and opportunities for campers. Many campsites need to be reserved months in advance depending on whether you’ve elected to camp with a hammock or a camper. Spend time doing research on the amenities available in the campground you’ve selected. Best of luck to you in making memories that the entire family will enjoy for decades to come. This may be the start of a new family tradition!