Tourist attractions in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most amazing states in the United States of America. Named after the River Colorado, this Centennial State is one of the most popular tourist attractions in The United States of America. One of the most amazing features loved by Tourists here is the cheap mansions. Thanks to Couch-Surfing which has greatly reduced the Accommodation cost for tourists. There are a lot of spectacular spots in Colorado worth visiting at least twice or thrice in a year.

Join us on the ride to some of the most popular Tourist Attraction in Colorado

  • Garden of the gods

This is one of the Registered National Natural Landmark of the perfectly rectangular state. The boulders and rock piles look so surreal. The Stone towers and the rock formations will get you awestruck. The formations and giant boulders being balanced in unimaginable ways make it one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Colorado. This place is frequented by Rock climbers and Mountain Bikers. They are also facilities for Horseback Riding, Jeep and Segway tours. It also houses luxurious mansions in Colorado for comfortable overnight stay and an Onsite Café with providing delicious treats. So this place never fails to satisfy adventure lovers and foodies.

  • Million Dollar Highway

This is a two-lane highway which stretches 46km from Silverton to Ouray. This road seems to have been carved out on the mountain slopes and has got a lot of locations worth picturing. This highway takes you on a round way trip from Durango to Placerville, Telluride, Dolores, Mancos and then back to Durango. Laid at an altitude of around 9,300 feet this road hugs the mountainside at a few places. You will come across a lot of cliffs, valleys. Ouray is fondly called the ‘Switzerland of America’ which is also famous for its Hot Springs. Silverton is one of the busiest towns in the state during summer.

  • Mesa Verde National Park

The World’s largest flat top mountain is situated in Colorado. The Mesa Verde National Park houses some of the most amazing ruins of the Ancestral Pueblo. The spectacular Cliff dwellings and the Cliff Palace which is the Park’s Centerpiece are some of the most popular tourist spots in Colorado. The ranger-led tour gives you a chance to test your hiking skills. Also, there are a lot of spots known only to the ranger from where you can get an amazing view of the entire Site.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

This is one of the most popular National Parks in the country. With over 100 peaks above 10,000 feet, this park has got everything including Alpine Lakes, Abundant Wildlife, Meadows and soaring mountain peaks. The Trail Ridge Road which leads to the park is filled with an awesome view of the Terrain. You can find a lot of cars halting every now and then just to get down and enjoy the amazing view. This park is one of the best spots for Hiking, Camping, fishing, and Bouldering. Ranger-led tours are one of the most sought-after packages for the best experience.

Colorado, the Centennial State is one of the best holiday destinations, famous for its rugged terrains and a number of picturesque locations. Don’t forget to pack your camera as it is too much beautiful for a human brain to remember.